About Nina Park

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Nina Park, a wood fossil park, is located in Tsuen Wan, adjacent to Nina Tower, NINA MALL and Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West. Nina Park and its facilities occupy an area close to 70,000 sq.ft., showcasing the largest collection of wood fossils among urban parks in Asia, all gathered by the late Mrs. Nina Wang, Chairwoman of Chinachem Group. This unique legacy will inspire local and international visitors through exciting “edutainment” programmes and innovative designs. As Hong Kong’s first and only wood fossil park, Nina Park invites everyone to embark on a voyage of a million lifetimes.

Vision and Mission

Nina Park aimed to do good through community and public educational programmes that infused with fossil knowledge for both local visitors and tourists. Set apart from ordinary exhibitions, Nina Park connects the community in a fun, friendly, people-centric, and dynamic way. Providing visitors with immersive edutainment experience.


Nina Park is a CSR Project that fits right in Chinachem Group’s triple bottom lines 


  • Nina Park creates an all-ages people-centric environment by offering a purposeful edutainment experience engaging with the local community.  
  • Another example of "Playground for All," Nina Park as a community initiative is designed to enhance inclusivity and enrich the lives of the residents.  


  • Adjacent to key landmarks Nina Tower, Nina Mall and Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West, Nina Park establishes the vibrant "Nina Hub“ propelling the Tsuen Wan community towards new horizons.   
  • Injecting vitality in the heart of Tsuen Wan, Nina Park serves as a catalyst for prosperity by driving economic growth and community development.  


  • The fossil collections at Nina Park support scientific research, enhancing our understanding of our planet's history and contributing to academic endeavours.   
  • Nina Park embodies the principles of sustainable development, showcasing the importance of preserving our environment and natural resources.   
  • Integrating with Tsuen Wan Park and Tsuen Wan Promenade, Nina Park enhances the overall environmental well-being of the community




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