Wood Fossil Experience Centre

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Along the route which takes in 16 exhibition zones of the two-storey Experience Centre , visitors can learn about the background and theme of the park, and gain some core knowledge of wood fossils – progressing from what fossils are, and the differences between wood and rock, to the evolution of plants into trees, the transformation from trees into wood fossils, and how to decode the living conditions of a tree and the history of Earth from a piece of wood fossil. Sections of the museum also explore other collections of wood fossils around the world and the geological treasures of Hong Kong. In the “Snapshot of Nina Park” zone, one can preview the park’s highlights and learn more about its design concepts and environmental features. To stimulate visitors’ other senses, an activity room has been set up where they can extend their learning through various activities and experiments. 

All the exhibits are creatively curated with wide use of interactive media and artistic touches, so as to make them a useful resource for STEAM learning in Hong Kong.

Opening Hours
Wood Fossil Experience Centre
Tuesday to Sunday
10:00 – 18:00
Thematic Exhibition Galleries


The activity room in the Experience Centre offers a range of exciting learning opportunities for students and visitors alike, featuring workshops and interactive tools like microscopes and fossil digging equipment. Through hands-on experimentation and exploration, participants can broaden their understanding about the world of wood fossils and natural history.